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New Restylane® Silk Demo @ The Maas Clinic

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    “So we're treating this very deep glabellar furrow and the key is a very fine.

    I'm using Retylane Silk, what's called Restylane Silk in the US, the rest of the world it’s called Restylane Fine Line and I’m using it as not at all reconstituted or extra lidocaine in it, it’s just out of a syringe because it flows so easily through a 30 gauge needle and then lifting up this line, it’s just like our older techniques when used to have collagen which was a great product and unfortunately Allergen decided to drop the product because it really was the product of choice for fine lines and maybe we found a new one here with Restylane Silk, with these fine particles that allow us to get them intradermal and have not seen today at any Tyndall Effect with this intradermal technique that I’m demonstrating here.

    You see extrusion which means I’m doing the skin surface and I’m trying to square a little bit, you do see a little bit of local blanch which is fine, not the kind of blanch where its along you know any extended track but with the little local blanch we are really sure that we're intradermal and that's caused by just the pressure, the hydrostatic pressure of the filler being slightly higher than the dermal flexes when you first inject it, and that's overcome quite quickly but these were quite deep lines when we started and we've worked diligently on getting a long term correction for this patient with the corrugator myectomy and of course Botox and Dysport and Xeomin are good choices also but they are recurring therapies and we're trying to get away from the recurring therapies.

    You can see the effacement of this line with this serial puncture intra-dermal technique. So this is very different than what I called poke and plump where you use a cannula and go below the skin. Especially in most man, we don’t need to make their forehead any more prominent and by lifting all this up, we are able to efface that line very effectively.

    If you're interested in more information on this topic or any of our other topics, please don’t hesitate to write at, you can send videos, you can send photographs or just written text with questions and I’m happy to answer them. We're more than happy to have you visit our website or visit

    This is Dr. Corey Maas on Looking Your Best.”