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Skin Care Science & Products

The Maas Clinic Skin Care Systems

Skin care is an extremely important part of facial health. In addition to the surgical procedures performed at The Maas Clinic, Dr. Maas has also developed a line of skin friendly cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and toning products.

The Maas Clinic Skin Care Systems were developed employing extensive research with current data on agents proven to be topically effective (effective when applied to the skin surface).

The Maas Clinic Skin Care Systems work at the cellular level. The result of this synergistic blend of ingredients is the visible improvement in skin texture, radiance, and the minimizing of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. The systems are based upon the rebuilding and re-strengthening of dermal cells (fibroblasts), the stimulation of collagen production (which firms and makes the skin elastic) and the addition of the most powerful antioxidants available to destroy free radicals. Each regimen is designed for a specific purpose: Anti-Aging, Sensitive Skin and Acne Skin Care. Each system is color coded to facilitate its use.

The Maas Clinic Skin Care Systems have high concentrations of active ingredients, which include Growth Factor Beta-1, high potency Retin A or Retinoid, Estriol, Co-Q10, Idebenone and Hydroquinone. Our products are physician and pharmaceutical approved. The Maas Clinic Skin Care Systems are available in our San Francisco & Tahoe clinics. If the skin care product requires a prescription, please call our office.

Skin Care Treatments 

The Acne Management System – The Acne Management System treats and prevents both adult and adolescent acne as well as helps to smooth fine lines and improve skin texture.

Acne Management System products


anti-age-skin-careThe Anti-Age Management System – The Anti-Age Management System is specifically designed to help reduce the signs of aging and minimize damage caused by overexposure to the outside elements.

Anti-Age Management System products







sensitive-skin-careSensitive Skin Care System – The Sensitive Skin Care System is formulated to help reduce the signs of aging and is gentle enough for sensitive skin types and those with skin allergies.

Sensitive Skin Care Products








enhance-skin-careEnhance Program – The Enhance Program includes several products that are designed to supplement the skin care systems.

Enhance Program Supplement Products








Please call The Maas Clinic at (415) 567-7000 for more information about our skin care systems

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