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Beauty Valet at The Maas Clinic

beauty valet

Touch-up treatments of Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau or Xeomin might be maintenance, but they should never feel like a chore! Our monthly Beauty Valet event makes the process of getting smooth, wrinkle-free skin, a smooth and wrinkle-free experience.

Simply pull your car up to the door, and be greeted by our personal complimentary valet service. You’ll be able to run inside our well-appointed offices for your Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau or Xeomin treatment with Dr. Maas, and be out the door within 15 minutes. No waiting, no parking, no delays: Just smooth skin and a refreshed look.

With morning and evening sessions scheduled every month, this is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy your Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau or Xeomin treatments at The Maas Clinic, no waiting necessary. We look forward to seeing you at our Beauty Valet events here in the heart of San Francisco.

Your time is precious. Call (415) 567-7000 to sign up for our next Beauty Valet event, or to be notified when new events are posted.

It Pays to Plan Ahead. Here Are Our Upcoming Beauty Valet Events:

February 2020

  • February 18th (4pm – 7pm)

March 2020

  • March 4th (8:30am -11:30am)
  • March 27th (3pm – 6pm)

April 2020

  • April 6th (3pm – 6pm)
  • April 22nd (8:30am -11:30am)

May 2020

  • May 6th (8:30am -11:30am)
  • May 29th (3pm – 6pm)

June 2020

  • June 8th (3pm – 6pm)
  • June 24th (8:30am -11:30am)

July 2020

  • July 8th (8:30am -11:30am)
  • July 24th (3pm- 6pm)

August 2020

  • August 5th (8:30am -11:30am)
  • August 17th (3pm – 6pm)

September 2020

  • September 9th (8:30am -11:30am)
  • September 28th (3pm-6pm)

October 2020

  • October 14th (8:30am -11:30am)
  • October 30th (3pm – 6pm)

November 2020

  • November 11th (8:30am -11:30am)
  • November 23rd (3pm – 6pm)

December 2020

  • December 9th (8:30am -11:30am)
  • December 21st (3pm – 6pm)

Additional Beauty Valet dates coming soon.

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