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Do Celebrities Get Better Nose Jobs?

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    Do Celebrities Get Better Nose Jobs? Dr. Maas explains why every patient should get the same level of treatment:

    "We've had a lot of rhinoplasty questions this week, and I've done a number of rhinoplasties in the last couple of weeks so let's focus our attention little bit on rhinoplasty or nose job surgery. A question that I don't often get in my practice but I see circulating on the Internet is "Do celebrities that have a nose job, get different treatments? This question isn't specific just to rhinoplasty, but really any of their facial plastic surgery procedures. Are they getting different treatment than other patients because they can pay more, or they can visit higher end plastic surgery practices? The answer to this question is simply "No". In a good practice with good surgeons what you'll find is that we're trying to achieve perfection in every patient that we treat, whether they are a celebrity or not a celebrity. Anatomy doesn't change with celebrity patients versus any other patient and so as we address the nose and the structural architecture of the nose and we refine it, I go through with video consultations with each patient, what their expectations are, what is really achievable before and after the procedure and then once we come to agreement on what that nose should look like, for that person, we are really focusing on just achieving that outcome, irrespective of their celebrity profile or socio-economic profile. So for every patient it is really more about, in every surgeon, it is about establishing a realistic expectation for outcome and achieving that goal. Really, achieving that goal is perfection. If we can reach our goals that we mutually decide upon, everyone will be satisfied. That's really how we describe perfection that we should see in every patient. So any questions please don't hesitate to call, contact us through You can send pictures, videos or written comments for me to answer. Thank you!"