Chin Augmentation Recovery San Francisco

Chin Augmentation Recovery – San Francisco Healing

We are able to reshape patients’ chins using the chin augmentation procedure. This surgery places an implant in the chin region to provide shape and volume. One subject that will be discussed prior to the procedure is chin augmentation recovery. For two to four days of your chin augmentation recovery, you will wear a light… Read Full Article

Liposuction Surgery vs. Kybella – Which is the Best?

“I’m talking a little bit more about Kybella today. I’m getting so many questions and phone calls as one of the principal investigators on the FDA trial, and I actually went to the FDA and testified with the company because the drug does what it says it is promoted to do. It destroys the fat… Read Full Article
Liposuction San Francisco

Liposuction – Facial Procedures San Francisco

Excess fat beneath the chin can make a person feel self-conscious and out of shape. Fat in this region can be dealt with precisely and thoroughly using liposuction surgery. Liposuction is a way to surgically remove excess fat cells from the regions directly under the chin. This area, known as the submental area, has a… Read Full Article

Chin Implant – Chin Augmentation San Francisco

It’s important to feel good about your appearance. If you feel like you have a weak chin and wish your face had better proportions, a chin implant procedure may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The chin implant can augment the chin and bring better balance to the face. Your chin implant will be… Read Full Article

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