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Blepharoplasty Recovery – Post-Operative San Francisco

When you feel like your eyelids have developed loose skin and become puffy, the solution is blepharoplasty, a type of rejuvenating eyelid plastic surgery. Once a patient has undergone this procedure, blepharoplasty recovery will be necessary. The medical stitches used to close your blepharoplasty incisions will typically need to be removed. This will take placeRead More

Blepharoplasty – Laser Versus Surgery

"A very common question asked about Blepharoplasty is: "Should I use a laser for my Blepharoplasty?". There's a lot of marketing done on laser Blepharoplasty, and I'll just say this. I have 12 to 14 lasers in my practice, and... Read More
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