Minimally Invasive Face Lifting Options

Over time, our face tends to lose its supple and youthful qualities. As the dermal structure weakens, collagen production slows down and fat pads or bone loses volume, many patients begin to notice wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin developing across the face and neck. The loss of volume and laxity that occurs with age… Read Full Article
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Surgical vs. Nonsurgical Facelift: Which is Better?

Each individual ages differently, but many patients often complain that loose skin, deep folds and a loss of facial volume make them look older than they feel. If this describes you, a facelift can drastically reduce the signs of aging and restore the supple, smooth skin and pleasing contours you had when you were younger.… Read Full Article
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Everything You’ve Ever Needed To Know About Facelift Recovery

Celebrity facelifts can seem to happen overnight. Before-and-after photos suddenly appear online and in magazines, and it is easy to forget that the celebrity in question likely spent weeks out of the limelight before showing off their younger look in public. The results of a facelift are certainly glamorous, but the recovery process is often… Read Full Article
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Facelift Vs. Botox For Your Anti-Aging Goals

Aging is a natural process that brings wisdom and fulfillment — but it also has more tangible effects that are often less desirable. Signs of aging on the face, in particular, are a part of growing older that many people work hard to prevent or hide. If wrinkles and sagging skin have finally started to… Read Full Article
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The Vampire Facial: What You Need to Know

Halloween will be here soon, which means that it’s time to get bloody — with the vampire facial that is. If you have noticed that your skin appears more dull or worn, it could be a sign of the natural aging process taking hold of your skin. To combat imperfections such as wrinkles, age spots… Read Full Article
Mini-Rhytidectomy San Francisco

Mini-Rhytidectomy – Facelift Options San Francisco

We offer a variety of options when it comes to the rhytidectomy procedure, also known as the facelift. One popular choice for this facial-rejuvenation technique is the mini-rhytidectomy. Which patients are ideal candidates for this technique? If it has been years since your last rhytidectomy and you’re looking for a small lift to combat minor… Read Full Article
Lower Facelift San Francisco

Lower Facelift – Full Facelift San Francisco

Loose facial skin, wrinkles, and embarrassing neck bands are prominent markers of the aging process. If you would like to look and feel younger today, it’s time to find out more about the lower facelift procedure. The lower facelift procedure focuses on aging signs in the area stretching from the neck up to the cheekbones.… Read Full Article

Decoding the Facelift

“I wanted to address an area of confusion not just with patients but amongst doctor with the plethora of these new Q-lifts and S-lifts and Z-lifts and corporate lifts and every kind of lift you can imagine, there is a lot of confusion out there about what is the difference between a normal facelift and… Read Full Article

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