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The Advantages of Kybella Over Other Neck Procedures

While many people struggle with signs of aging on the face, your neck often ages just as quickly. The thin, fragile skin is susceptible to lines and wrinkles, particularly since your neck is constantly moving, bending and creasing. Another pesky neck concern is the area where your neck meets your chin. This area, known as… Read Full Article

What Are The Side Effects of Kybella?

“Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Kybella. Kybella is deoxycholate approved in the last couple of months by the FDA, and it’s a drug that is injected specifically as approved into the fat in the neck and it causes the rupture of the fat cells, or dissolution of the fat, ultimately loosing… Read Full Article

Liposuction Surgery vs. Kybella – Which is the Best?

“I’m talking a little bit more about Kybella today. I’m getting so many questions and phone calls as one of the principal investigators on the FDA trial, and I actually went to the FDA and testified with the company because the drug does what it says it is promoted to do. It destroys the fat… Read Full Article

Is Kybella Permanent?

“There’s a lot of excitement and enthusiasm about the new drug Kybella. It’s a drug that when injected dissolves fat and creates some skin tightening. It was approved recently in the last few months by the FDA for chin or neck fat, so it can change that hanging chin or neck area, and it potentially… Read Full Article

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