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Why Laser Hair Removal is a Winter Procedure

Despite winter’s cold, dreary weather, there is one aspect that usually comes as a relief: whether you wax, shave or epilate, you can give your hair removal tools a bit of a break now that shorts season has ended. If you are among those who would rejoice at the prospect of putting down your razorRead More

Why Now is the Time for Laser Hair Removal

Summer isn’t far away – before you know it, you will be pulling out the shorts and bathing suits to celebrate the season. If unwanted body hair is threatening to interfere with your summer plans, perhaps laser hair removal is the right choice for you. This effective treatment offers permanent hair reduction, leaving you silkyRead More

Laser Hair Removal – San Francisco Laser Treatments

Are you tired of finding new unwanted hairs on your face? These embarrassing hairs can be dealt with using a state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatment. When a person’s hair is growing is when laser hair removal provides the most ideal results. This is because hair in the growth, or anagen, phase contains the most pigment.Read More

Hair Removal – San Francisco Unwanted Facial Hair

Have you been looking for a long-term solution for removing embarrassing facial hair? Stop wasting your time with shaving and painful waxing – it’s time to come to The Maas ClinicTM’s Appearance Care CenterTM for quick, easy laser hair removal. During your laser hair removal procedure, very quick pulses of the Lumenis Light Sheer laserRead More

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