5 Non-Surgical Treatments to Get You Beach-Ready

Summer is right around the corner, which means beach season is on its way! If you are not looking forward to the upcoming warm weather due to self-consciousness about your appearance, Dr. Maas and the staff at The Maas ClinicTM can help. Check out these five non-surgical treatments that will get you ready for the… Read Full Article

What Are The Results of UltraShape®?

”Hi my name is Abby and I’m one of the aesthetic RNs here at The Maas ClinicTM. What should you expect after UltraShape? You’re going to see reduction in the localized fat deposit, you’re going to see circumference reduction in the treatment area and you’re going to see improved body shape and contour. How does… Read Full Article

Is UltraShape® Painful?

”Hi my name is Abby and I’m one of the aesthetic RNs here at The Maas ClinicTM. The Ultrashape is not painful at all. The effect is purely mechanical, so there’s no heating, there’s no cold and there’s no pain or discomfort. A little bit of tingling or sensation can be felt but that’s about… Read Full Article

Should I Get UltraShape?

”My name is Abby and I’m one of the aesthetic RNs at the Maas ClinicTM. The perfect candidate patient to do UltraShape will be a patient who has a BMI less than 30%. So the first appointment, what we normally do, we take photos, we weigh the patient and we ask for their height and… Read Full Article

Body Contouring Options

“The Maas ClinicTM and Appearance Care CenterTM provide non-invasive body contouring technology such as UltraShape and VelaShape. UltraShape is a new type of fat distorting ultrasound which is totally painless and VelaShape is a skin tightening and body contouring device using radio frequency NRF. The Spa also offers body improvement or enhancement, appearance care if you will,… Read Full Article

New Body Contouring Options Including UltraShape

“I wanted to talk today about a specific area of body contouring and that’s fat destruction. When we talk about fat destruction, there are really a few categories, one of them is liposuction and liposuction is just like what it sounds like. There’s a small incision placed in a very small cannula or tube under… Read Full Article

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