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Skin Care Science & Products

Skincare is integral to your facial health. Adopting a personalized, clinically tested skincare routine is one of the most beneficial investments you can make in your cosmetic journey. The right products will not only enhance your skin tone and texture but also protect your future skin health and ensure you look and feel your best at every stage of life. Beyond the surgical procedures offered at The Maas ClinicTM, Dr. Maas has also developed an extensive line of skin-friendly products that focus on the four essential steps to achieving and maintaining healthier skin: cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and toning.

The Maas ClinicTM Skin Care Systems were developed through extensive research, with current data on agents proven to be topically effective, that is, beneficial for the skin when applied to the surface. These clinical studies and various trials have helped to establish a multi-purpose skincare collection dedicated to strengthening the skin and rejuvenating the surface from deep within the dermal structure.

The Maas ClinicTM Skin Care Systems work at the cellular level. The result of this synergistic blend of ingredients is the visible improvement in skin texture, radiance, and the minimizing of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. The systems are based upon the rebuilding and re-strengthening of dermal cells (fibroblasts), the stimulation of collagen production (which firms the skin and improves elasticity) and the addition of the most potent antioxidants available to destroy free radicals and protect the skin. Each regimen is designed for a specific purpose: Anti-Aging, Sensitive Skin and Acne Skin Care. Each system is color-coded to facilitate its use.

The Maas ClinicTM Skin Care Systems have high concentrations of active ingredients, which include Growth Factor Beta-1, L-Abscorbic Acid (Vitamin C), high potency Retin A or Retinoid, Estriol, Co-Q10, Idebenone and Hydroquinone. Our products are physician and pharmaceutical approved. The Maas ClinicTM Skin Care Systems are available in our San Francisco & Tahoe clinics. If you are seeking one of our prescription-only skincare products, please call our office at (415) 567-7000 to discuss this further with our specialists.

Skin Care Treatments

Designing an individualized skincare regime for your needs involves a customized process. Based on an in-depth examination of your skin type, primary concerns and aesthetic goals, Dr. Maas can help you select the most suitable skincare program and products to ensure you achieve personalized, satisfying results. By analyzing your facial habits and how age has affected your complexion, Dr. Maas can identify which ingredients will best address your condition and improve your skin health.

The Acne Management System

Acne is a common skin condition that affects both adults and adolescents. It most frequently occurs as a result of pore blockages and inflammation of your skin glands, which can cause pimples and other lesions to form. Acne commonly develops on the face, chest and upper back and can lead to both physical and psychological concerns for those affected. In severe cases, acne can be emotionally debilitating and may lead to social withdrawal or a significant lack of self-esteem.

The Acne Management System is designed to treat and prevent both adult and adolescent acne. Through a tailored routine that includes cleansing, protecting and lifting damage skin, this regime works to remove dead skin cells, revitalize the underlying structure and restore radiance to your complexion. By encouraging the skin to drain excess oil regularly, this skincare routine can accelerate the healing of acne blemishes and prevent the condition from reoccurring. For patients with acne and aging concerns, this program can also help to soften fine lines and enhance skin texture.

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The Anti-Age Management System

As you age, collagen production decreases and the dermal structure begins to break down. As a result, the skin becomes lax, and your face tends to lose its youthful shape and radiance. Wrinkles, fine lines and folds are just some of the issues your skin experiences over time. When left untreated, signs of facial aging can lead to a worn and tired overall appearance that affects your confidence.

The Anti-Age Management System focuses on reducing the signs of aging and minimizing damage caused by overexposure to external elements. This multi-purpose regime is designed to specifically target the effects of age, reducing wrinkle depth and pore size while improving skin elasticity and firmness. Though cleansing, protecting and collagen-stimulating products, the anti-aging program can help to soften creases, minimize free radical skin damage and restore a smoother, more youthful complexion.

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Sensitive Skin Care System

Sensitive skin is common among patients with aging concerns or skin allergies. You may have sensitive skin as a result of age, genetics, overexposure to external elements or other skin conditions, such as eczema or dermatitis. Having dry or sensitive skin can make it especially difficult to address facial issues that develop over time.

The Sensitive Skincare System is designed specifically for those with sensitive skin types and allergies. From cleansing and protecting to boosting and calming the skin, this regime is formulated using the gentlest ingredients to help minimize signs of aging without irritating the face. This unique selection of products can help even the most delicate skin types achieve a smoother, silkier and softer complexion.

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Enhance Program

The Enhance Program includes a variety of products that are designed to improve your skin health and complement the effects of other skincare systems. This multi-purpose range can target various skin issues, from dull and dehydrated skin to sun damage and signs of aging. With the most advanced skincare ingredients, the Enhance program can help to calm irritation, heal blemishes and clarify the skin for a rejuvenated and refreshed overall appearance.

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Learn More About Our Skin Care Treatments Today at The Maas ClinicTM

Selecting the most suitable products for your skin type and primary concerns can make a world of difference to your long-term skin health. The right regime can assure your skin quality and health for years to come. At The Maas ClinicTM in San Francisco, Dr. Maas can evaluate your skin and work with you to design an effective individualized skincare routine tailored to your cosmetic needs. Contact The Maas ClinicTM at (415) 567-7000 for more information on how our skincare systems can help you reveal your healthiest, most radiant complexion.

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