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Acne is a common skin disorder that occurs when the pores of your skin become clogged with oil, bacteria and dead skin. Though it is prevalent in adolescents due to the hormonal changes that occur during puberty, acne can also develop throughout adulthood. Regardless of your age, acne can cause both physical and emotional concerns that affect your appearance and confidence. The condition most often develops on the face, chest and back and can appear in the form of pimples, cysts, nodules and other lesions. While acne is notoriously difficult to treat, Dr. Maas offers a customized skincare regime to help patients manage and prevent acne and achieve better skin health.

Cleanse: Medi-Wash

The acne management regime begins with a cleansing medi-wash. This formula blends ultra-pure glycolic acid (2%) with salicylic acid (2%), which is a proven acne-fighting ingredient that helps to heal the skin, minimize blackheads and reduce acne blemishes, such as papules and pustules. This product is formulated to accelerate the removal of dead skin cells and restore the skin’s proper oil drainage process. The cleansing medi-wash can be used as a face or body wash both in the morning and at night.

Protect: Oil Free Shield

The oil-free broad-spectrum sunscreen is vital for your morning skincare routine. This lightweight formula combines titanium dioxide, which acts as a physical block against UVA rays, with a gentle chemical block to provide a full spectrum of UVA and UVB protection. This SPF 30 product serves to protect the skin from further damage caused by sun exposure, which can aggravate acne and worsen inflammation. The oil-free shield is a crucial step in the acne management regime, as it helps to restore and protect your skin health.

Treat: Alive

This smoothing serum is designed to help you achieve firmer, silkier and evenly toned skin. With a blend of retinol, green tea polyphenols, soy phospholipid and hyaluronic acid, this formula works to enhance skin tone and texture while reducing acne blemishes, fine lines and surface wrinkles. Alive uses vitamin A to revitalize dull or damaged skin. When applied consistently as part of the acne management routine, this product can minimize imperfections and signs of aging and produce a more radiant and refreshed complexion.

Treat: Heal

This product complements the steps of the acne treatment skincare system by accelerating the healing process of acne blemishes. The formula combines glycolic acid (2%) with salicylic acid (2%) in a pad form that prevents further scarring and gradually reduces the appearance of acne marks. Heal should be applied consistently to the skin in the morning and night for optimal results.

Treat: Lift

Lift is a highly developed prescription-strength serum that blends various essential ingredients to actively rejuvenate the skin. While tretinoin works to thicken the dermal layers, improve evenness and decrease pore size, the inclusion of estriol serves to enhance skin elasticity and firmness while also reducing wrinkle depth and pore size. The formula also utilizes a powerful antioxidant called Idebenone, which works to soften fine lines, reduce dryness and smoothen the skin texture. This product also combines DMAE to improve firmness, and glycolic acid to exfoliate dead layers of skin and reveal newer, healthier cells. By combining these bio-technologically advanced ingredients, Lift can help you achieve firmer, less-blemished and brighter skin. This product should be applied at night and left for one minute to penetrate the skin before applying a moisturizer if required.

The Importance of Professional Skin Care

Skincare plays a crucial role in the management of acne. Choosing the right products for your skin type and needs is essential, as some ingredients can aggravate the condition and worsen your symptoms. When affected by acne, the skin can be easily irritated, which is why Dr. Maas recommends professionally approved and clinically tested products for the treatment of acne. Though some over-the-counter medications may claim to improve the condition, seeking professional direction by a skin specialist is the most effective and reliable way to ensure you achieve satisfying and personalized results.

A consistent skincare regime designed by a qualified specialist will provide the most dramatic improvements to your skin. While regular OTC products may soothe acne temporarily, an individualized routine will consider your long-term skin health and will work towards preventing the condition from reoccurring in the future. For patients suffering from acne, Dr. Maas carries a highly advanced line of skincare products designed to remove dead skin cells, restore proper oil drainage and accelerate the healing of acne blemishes. With a combination of scientifically founded products, the Acne Management System can help you regain a healthier and smoother complexion.

Essential Ingredients for Acne Treatment

Each of The Maas ClinicTM’s Skin Care Systems have been developed through extensive research, current data and clinical tests. The Acne Management System has been established based on the proven effectiveness of active ingredients that work to rebuild dermal cells and heal skin damage. These acne-fighting formulas include a range of the most bio-technologically advanced substances available today, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, titanium dioxide, Retin A and Idebenone. In a skincare regime that combines cleansing, protecting, soothing, healing and lifting, this combination of groundbreaking ingredients can help to treat and prevent acne and ultimately transform your complexion.

The Acne Management System

The Acne Management System includes products that have been formulated with cutting-edge manufacturing processes. This regime combines various unique solutions to help unclog pores, shield the skin from external damage and re-strengthen the dermal structure. Dr. Maas’ acne treatment program only uses products that are clinically proven and physician approved.

Begin Your Journey to Healthier Skin

At The Maas ClinicTM in San Francisco, Dr. Maas has helped countless men and women treat and prevent acne. He believes that by adopting a consistent skincare regime that is tailored to your skin type, needs and primary concerns, you can protect your complexion and assure your future skin health. The Acne Management System combines pioneering ingredients to target specific facial issues associated with acne and re-strengthen the dermal support. Step by step, this regime can clear the skin of damaged cells, heal acne blemishes and ultimately revitalize the skin. If you are suffering from acne and are seeking a professionally recommended and approved skincare treatment, contact The Maas ClinicTM at (415) 567-7000 to schedule your consultation today.

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