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Kybella™ San Francisco

KYBELLA™ was recently approved by the FDA for treatment to improve the appearance and profile of adults who suffer from fat below the chin (sub-mental fat), more commonly referred to as “double chin.”When KYBELLA™ is injected in small amounts to targeted areas, it destroys fat cells. Those who have received treatment have experienced dramatic improvements in the reduction of chin fat and improvement of the contour of the neck.

Dr. Maas was a principle investigator on the study of KYBELLA™, and as administered over 300 treatments at his San Francisco clinic. Once KYBELLA™ is available in San Francisco and nationwide, The Maas Clinic will offer this new non-invasive neck treatment option.

KYBELLA™ is an alternative to sub-mental liposuction of the neck for patients who would otherwise not elect to undergo surgery. Those undergoing treatments can expect swelling, bruising, pain and numbness, and a small subset of patients will suffer more dramatic swelling underneath the neck.

If you are interested in learning more about KYBELLA™ treatments in San Francisco, please call The Maas Clinic at 415.567.7000 or send us an email today

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