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Face Procedures San Francisco

Performed by Dr. Maas

Facial reconstructive surgery or aesthetic facial plastic surgery is highly specialized surgery that refers to a variety of operations that can be performed in order to restore or change facial features to improve your appearance.

Recent advances in the development of miniaturized instruments, new materials and improved surgical techniques have expanded the range of plastic or cosmetic surgery operations that can be performed on the face. The San Francisco Maas Clinic offers a comprehensive array of cosmetic surgical solutions and cutting-edge techniques that produce exceptional results to enhance the way you look and feel.

Facial Plastic Surgery Before & After Photo Gallery

For more information about facial plastic surgery in San Francisco, please call The Maas Clinic at (415) 567-7000

Facial Procedures

Facelift Surgery
Neck Lift Procedure
Brow Lift Procedure
Eyelid Surgery
Chin Augmentation
Cheek Surgery
Lip Enhancement
Eyelash & Eyebrow Transplant
Hair Restoration
Facial Liposuction
Facial Resurfacing
Facial Scar Treatments
Facial Paralysis
Skin Cancer

Please call The Maas Clinic at (415) 567-7000 for more information about our facial plastic surgery procedures

By Dr. Corey Maas

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Facial Plastic Surgery


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