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CoolTone San Francisco

The CoolTone treatment builds muscle effectively to create a fit physique

Everybody wants a body that they can show off. Rock-hard abs, a firm butt and slender thighs — these are the cornerstones of a body that one can flaunt confidently. But it can be difficult to attain any of these physical features. Firming the abdominal muscles into a six-pack or sculpting the buttocks to a beautiful bum requires many hours spent at the gym and maintaining a consistent diet, day-in and day-out. At least, this used to be the case. CoolTone is a powerful new muscle-sculpting technology that can help you achieve a summer-ready body without breaking a sweat.

Corey S. Maas MDTM is proud to carry the CoolTone device at The Appearance Care CenterTM in San Francisco. Made by the creators of CoolSculpting, a technology that removes unwanted fat deposits, CoolTone offers patients the opportunity to sculpt and tone their muscles without surgery or downtime. It’s part of a growing category of body-sculpting technologies that offer an alternative to building muscle fibers in the gym. Safe and effective, and highly recommended by Dr. Maas, CoolTone is one of the many ways our experienced team at The Appearance Care CenterTM are excited to get your body in shape.