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Consequently, when the chin is out of proportion with the rest of the face, it may detract from the attractiveness of the other features. In any of these cases, chin augmentation or reduction surgery is the right choice. Dr. Maas at The Maas Clinic™ in San Francisco believes that if the teeth are correctly aligned, patients can benefit from chin augmentation or other enhancement procedures to reshape the chin and balance facial features.

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Chin Implant

A chin implant can be inserted to balance the disproportionate chin and contoured to each individual. Chin implants are made of a soft and pliable silastic material that fits nicely under the covering layer of the bone (periosteum), making them virtually impossible to feel. There are two options for chin implant surgery: Dr. Maas can make a small incision in the depression between the lower lip and the external gums of the lower teeth, creating a pocket between the lining of the bone and the muscle and the fat covering the chin. Inserting the chin implant using this technique has the advantage of no external scar, but there is a slightly increased risk of infection. The other option for inserting a chin implant is making a small incision in the submental crease beneath the chin to create a pocket to insert the implant.

Dr. Maas determines the pocket size by accessing the face's structure and desired aesthetic result. Creating the perfect size pocket is the key to achieving an excellent chin implant result. An implant that fits the pocket size is inserted into place, and the incision is closed. The incision using this technique is made in the crease and is small, making the scar barely visible. Immediately after the procedure, a light-pressure dressing is utilized to control the swelling and the bruising. This dressing can be removed within 2-4 days, and normal activities can be resumed. Only mild discomfort is felt for the first few days after surgery and will subside with the swelling. If the incision within the mouth is irritating or sore, medicine can be prescribed to control the discomfort.

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Chin Reduction

Chin reduction (or mentoplasty) is a procedure that removes excess bone from the chin point or mentum. Dr Maas makes a small incision in the submental crease beneath the chin, and a shaping instrument is used to recontour the bone. Immediately after the procedure, a light-pressure dressing is applied to reduce the swelling and occasional bruising. This dressing can be removed within 2-4 days, and normal activities can be resumed. Any bruising and swelling subsides quickly, and minimal discomfort can easily be controlled with medication. The chin and jawline have a profound impact on the facial profile. If the chin is too weak or too prominent, it can throw the entire face out of balance, making the nose look disproportionately large or detract from the other facial features. Fortunately, this area of the face can be enhanced to improve the contour and your overall appearance. Whether you want to reduce the size of the chin and jawline or create additional definition along the jawline, Dr. Maas at The Maas Clinic™ has the proper procedure to help you.

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Candidates for Chin Reduction

Dr. Maas may recommend chin reduction if you have a prominent chin and jawline, throwing the rest of your facial proportions out of balance. He performs this procedure on both men and women in reasonably good health, looking for permanent improvement in their facial profile. Having your teeth in alignment is essential to ensure the focus on the chin reduction will be sufficient to provide you with ideal results. The procedure may be performed on patients of all ages and is often recommended in combination with rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery) to enhance the symmetry of the face further.

Reduce a Prominent Chin

A large or prominent chin can overshadow other facial features you would rather highlight. Mentoplasty or chin reduction surgery is a way to permanently decrease the size and projection of the chin to produce a more balanced profile. This procedure removes excess bone and tissue to reshape the lower jawline. Some patients have a chin that is recessed or weak, making other facial features look more prominent and creating a less-than-desirable facial profile.

Add Definition to a Weak Chin

This concern can also be addressed surgically, in this case, by placing an implant in the chin area to create the size and definition you currently lack along the jawline. This procedure typically uses synthetic implants crafted of a biocompatible material, ensuring they will work with the natural tissue of the chin for many years. Implants also come in various shapes and sizes, allowing Dr. Maas to tailor your results to your unique facial proportions and contours. Dr. Maas will help you select the right implants for you based on the level of augmentation needed and the results you hope to achieve, ensuring your outcome is natural and proportionate. Rest assured that no matter which implant you choose, you should enjoy your new facial profile for many years.

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Chin Surgery at The Maas Clinic™ in San Francisco

You will see the full results of your surgery once your chin has some time to heal completely. Patients are usually back to non-strenuous activities within three to four days. More strenuous exercise should be restricted for up to two weeks to give the surgical area ample time to heal. Chin enhancement usually yields long-lasting results, whether adding fullness and definition or cutting back the size of your lower jawline. To learn more about chin procedures or if you are a good candidate, contact us now.

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Chin Surgery FAQ

Can Chin Implants Be Combined with Other Procedures?

Can Chin Implants Be Combined with Other Procedures?

At The Maas Clinic™ in San Francisco, chin surgery is often combined with a rhinoplasty (nose job), submental (area beneath the chin) liposuction, or facelifts for a balanced, natural look.

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