Cheek lift surgery in San Francisco can eliminate the ‘sunken’ appearance under the eyes or a hollowed mid-facial area.

Time can take a significant toll on the midface, as skin laxity and loss of facial volume can create a hollowed look that makes a person look perpetually tired or older than they feel. A cheek lift is a permanent option to restore facial volume and definition, while producing a more youthful heart-shaped facial shape. Cheek lifts may also be requested by younger patients looking to add volume to a midface that is considered insufficient in terms of definition and fullness.

Dr. Maas offers a number of options for rejuvenating the cheek area. A midface lift is a minimally invasive procedure that lifts tissue in the midface to a higher position while eliminating excess skin to create a firmer facial profile. When skin laxity is relatively mild, patients can often achieve the results they are looking for with a cheek lift that uses synthetic implants to produce the volume and lift they are looking for in the midface. This approach offers more permanent results as well as more dramatic augmentation to the cheek overall.

What is a Cheek Lift?

Dr. Maas performs cheek lifts at the Maas ClinicTM on an outpatient basis. Improvements are made to the midface by placing soft cheek implants over the cheek bone through small incisions inside the mouth. Modern cheek implants are crafted of a biocompatible material that feels soft and pliable, much more like natural cheek tissue.

The implants are also designed with a more natural contour that lie flat on the bone and create beautiful, full curves to the midface. They include a small notch to accommodate a nerve in that area so that feeling and function are maintained.

Implants come in different shapes and sizes that allow Dr. Maas to customize each procedure to the specific facial shape and desired results of his patients. He will discuss the options with his patients, listening carefully to their aesthetic goals so that he can meet them as closely as possible. At the same time, Dr. Maas will use his own experience and artistic eye to help patients understand how to best achieve their goals with the right implant choice.

Cheek lift surgery may be performed by Dr. Maas using general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Incisions are made inside the mouth just above the gums, eliminating any visible scarring after surgery. The implants are placed into the tissue and secured with sutures so the patient will not have to worry about implants migrating after the surgery is completed. As the body heals, a scar lining will develop around the implant to further secure it in place.

Post Operative Care

Generally, healing from a cheek lift is quite rapid. Patients typically experience some bruising and swelling immediately following cheek lift surgery, which should subside within a couple of weeks. Ice packs and elevating the head will help to reduce these side effects somewhat. Oral pain medication can also be used to manage discomfort in the first few days following surgery.

Patients are advised to stick to soft foods for the first few days to avoid putting excessive pressure on the surgical area and allow the gums to heal properly. The majority of patients are able to return to work and other activities within a few days. However, strenuous exercise will be restricted for a number of weeks to ensure complete healing to the area. Cheek implants generally offer permanent augmentation to the midface, as the synthetic implants do not tend to change over time.

Some patients find they can get good cheek augmentation results without surgery using injectable fillers. While these treatments can indeed be effective, the results they provide are only temporary. Over time, the cost of injectable procedures can add up significantly, making cheek implants in San Francisco a more convenient and cost-effective solution to loss of volume and definition in the midface.

Corey S. Maas MDTM and the staff at The Maas ClinicTM look forward to answering any questions you may have about your Cheek Lift Surgery in San Francisco. To schedule an appointment, please call (415) 567-7000 or contact us by email.

The information about cheek lift surgery was reviewed by Corey S. Maas MDTM. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.

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