Glo mineral makeup is an extensive line of makeup products designed to nourish the skin while helping you show off your best face every day. Formulations offer superb coverage and sun protection, with options for every skin type and cosmetic goal. The ultra-fine minerals in the products are combined with potent antioxidants to provide the protection it needs to stay healthy and radiant through every season of life. The vibrant color palette ensures there are products for every skin tone and personal preference.

Mineral Makeup for the Face

From creating a smooth foundation to adding contouring and highlights, Glo mineral makeup gives your skin a flawless look and a healthy glow. Products include:


Primers are used to prepare the skin for foundation and additional makeup layers. These formulations fill in lines and other imperfections to produce a smooth surface for applying the rest of your makeup regimen. Beginning with a primer also extends the wearability of your makeup. There are different types of primers available so that you can customize your formulation to the needs of your skin.


When it comes to your foundation, you want to know your makeup shade will match your skin tone while producing a flawless complexion every day. Glow mineral makeup features a spectrum of shades so you can match your makeup as precisely as possible. In addition, choose your coverage level and your finish for a look that is distinctly you.


Camouflage and concealers hide a wide range of imperfections that cannot be covered up by foundation alone. Rich pigments in the formulations ensure maximum coverage. Some products are specially designed for problem spots like underneath the eyes and areas of discoloration. Some even brighten the skin as they conceal imperfections.


These products help you lock in your look without weighing it down. Whether your skin needs an extra touch of hydration, protection or oil absorption, there are formulations that help you look your best all day long.

Contours and Bronzers

Whether you are looking for a sun-kissed glow or tools that effectively use light to your fullest advantage, the contours and bronzers in this line can help you achieve your look.

Shimmers and Highlighters

Once the foundation is set, you can add some pizazz with this shimmer and highlighter kit. The various colors can be used separately or swirled together to create the look you want.

Mineral Makeup for the Eyes

The eyes are the focal point of the face, and these products will help them shine for any season or event. This line includes the following choices:

Brow Enhancement

Choose individual products like pencils or powders or select a complete kit with everything you need to keep your eyebrows in top form.

Lid Enhancement

Start with a primer and then go subtle or dramatic with a spectrum of eyeshadow hues. Choose between individual colors or palettes with shades created to coordinate with one another. Mineral formulations provide beautiful color and long staying power.


Give your eyes definition and pop with liners in pencils and liquid form. Liners are easy to use and designed to last. Some products also feature antioxidants to protect eyes even while enhancing them.


Mascara puts the finishing touch on your eye makeup, waking up the eyes and creating a beautiful frame for them. Whether you need volumizing or lengthening, there is a formulation for you. You can also select the water-resistant formulation for humid climates or days by the pool.

Mineral Makeup for the Cheeks

Giving your face a final kiss of color is what cheek enhancement is all about. In addition to the bronzers, contours and highlighters listed above, the Glo mineral makeup line includes blushes for this purpose. These products come in both creams and powders, with a broad range of shades to match every skin tone beautifully.

Mineral Makeup for the Lips

Before lips can be colored, they need to be conditioned, and the Glo mineral makeup line features lip balms for this purpose. The line also includes a variety of ways to shade the lips, including lipsticks, glosses, crayons, and liners. Many different hues ensure you can find the shade that works well with your skin color and puts a beautiful finishing touch on your look.

Glo Mineral Makeup at the Maas ClinicTM

Glo mineral makeup is the perfect choice for patients after plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment, to enhance and extend the results of their procedure.

The line is also recommended for women looking for a healthy, natural way to beautify their appearance daily.

To learn more about these products, contact The Maas ClinicTM today at (415) 567-7000 or contact us by email.

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