Nipple reconstruction is a surgical procedure to restore the breast as much as possible to its normal appearance, either using a flap from a donor site (another body part), or tattoo in form of a nipple.

Typically it is used for woman that have undergone mastectomy following cancer, but it can also be used for those that wish to alter the appearance of their nipple.

Nipple reconstruction is also used to treat inverted nipples, which can cause functional problems and emotional concerns.

More About Nipple Reconstruction

The nipple reconstruction procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, which can be combined with a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction. The surgery typically takes thirty minutes to an hour.

The first step of undergoing a nipple reconstruction is to meet with a surgeon, who can put together a plan specific to your needs and desires.

Dr. Maas has an extensive network of plastic surgeons specializing in nipple reconstruction in Northern and Southern California. For a referral to a surgeon in your area, please call (415) 567-7000 or contact us by email.

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