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Elure™ Enzymatic Skin Lightening San Francisco

Elure™ For Healthier, Brighter and Younger Looking Skin

Elure™ is the first scientifically proven enzymatic skin lightening product that breaks down melanin to reveal a visibly brighter, more radiant and exceptionally luminous skin tone.

Elure™ Advanced Skin Lightening Technology is a new topical cosmetic product. The appearance improvement provided by Elure™ is based on a patented natural enzyme, known as Melanozyme™, which acts to temporarily reduce the dark-colored pigment in your skin. In several clinical studies, Elure™ produced a brighter and more even toned skin appearance for most subjects in just 28 days. Formulated to suit all ages, Elure’s gentle yet rich formula does not contain hydroquinone or any other previously used active ingredients.

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