This is an exciting time in your life—you just graduated from school and are ready to take on the world. If you feel your nose is throwing off the balance of your features, Summer is the perfect time to address the shape of your nose and refresh your appearance so you can take on the world with your best face forward. Now’s the time to schedule a consultation with San Francisco’s leading board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Corey S. Maas MDTM, so you can get your rhinoplasty surgery on the books in the coming months. Then, return to school or start your new career with confidence and beautifully balanced features.

1. It’s the Best Time For a Fresh Start

Graduating from high school or college can feel like the end of an era. What better time for a refresh than right before embarking on a new beginning? If you are a high school grad, you’re probably gearing up to start college or full-time work, which means you will be meeting an entirely new peer group. The same goes for college graduates—you may be continuing on to graduate school or starting your career, which will bring new people and new opportunities into your life. If the shape of your nose makes you feel self-conscious, don’t let that hold you back any longer. Rhinoplasty during the summer months can rejuvenate your appearance, eliminate your self-consciousness and add positive momentum to the pursuit of your goals. New nose, new you! You can return to school, start a new school or begin a career in the fall with renewed confidence.

2. You Finally Have Time For Downtime

No more exams, looming deadlines, or having to pull all-nighters for the next few months! You actually have time for the rest and recuperation you need to heal up after surgery, while leaving more than enough room on your calendar for other activities like travel or exploring internship options. Downtime after rhinoplasty is often less than two weeks while you’re still young, and let’s be honest, you were going to spend that amount of time catching up on Netflix anyway.

3. Discretion and Privacy: No One Needs to Know

Summer’s a time for transitions. If you would prefer that your new friends or future colleagues don’t know about your rhinoplasty, Summer is the optimal time to have your surgery. As far as they’re concerned, this is how your face has always looked!

Recovery Tips

Summer is the perfect time for students or recent grads to schedule a rhinoplasty; however, every season brings with it a different set of recovery challenges. For the best and fastest recovery, we recommend the following:

  • Avoid the Sun: Limiting your sun exposure is vital to your overall health and the appearance of your skin. But if you have had rhinoplasty, avoiding the sun is crucial for the first six weeks after your procedure. The skin on the nose is especially sensitive following surgery, and sun exposure may cause unwanted hyperpigmentation or dark spots. If you are going to the beach or will be outside for any length of time, wear a hat and bring along a quality sunscreen to reapply to your nose throughout the day.
  • Do Not Wear Sunglasses: Protecting your eyes from the sun is important, but the nose piece of sunglasses can unnecessarily pinch or apply excess weight to the bridge of your nose. Such force, even though it may seem mild, can be enough to interfere with how the nose heals. To allow your nose to heal correctly, we suggest you wear a hat and not wear sunglasses for one month after surgery.
  • Limit Eyeglass Wearing: We understand that some patients wear corrective lenses to see. As with sunglasses, eyeglasses can squeeze or apply to much pressure to the nose. For the first month after your rhinoplasty, switch to contacts. If you need to wear eyeglasses, tape them above your nose or hold them off of your nose with your hand and then remove your glasses as soon as possible.
  • Do Not Swim: Saltwater and chlorine can irritate nasal passages, cause infection and interfere with the healing process. Putting your head under water is also not recommended. Aside from the water getting into your surgery site, going under water increases the pressure in your nose and may negatively impact the appearance of your nose. For these reasons, it is best to avoid getting in the water for one month after your rhinoplasty.
  • Refrain from Heavy Exercise: We strongly encourage you to walk or ride a stationary bike immediately after your surgery. Mild exercise maintains health and promotes healing. However, you should avoid all exercises that involve bending, straining or lifting for two weeks after your procedure. All of these activities increase the pressure in the nose and can interfere with healing as well as the final appearance of your nose.
  • No Contact Sports: You should refrain from all contact sports for at least two months, and maybe longer, after your rhinoplasty procedure. Your nose is healing and vulnerable to any contact. Dr. Maas will recommend when it is safe for you to return to your favorite sport.
  • Rest: The summer months will allow you the downtime you need to rest and recover after your rhinoplasty. Take full advantage of this less-hectic time in your life, and you can anticipate a quick and complete recovery.

Schedule Your Summer Rhinoplasty Today

Dr. Maas is the premier nose surgeon in the San Francisco area. He specializes in cosmetic and surgical nose reconstruction, and his expertise means you’ll have access to the best care possible. To learn more about rhinoplasty and how it can transform your appearance, call The Maas ClinicTM today at 415-567-7000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Maas. Our expert team will help you achieve the nose of your dreams and begin your next adventure with renewed confidence.

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