“The Maas ClinicTM and Appearance Care CenterTM provide non-invasive body contouring technology such as UltraShape and VelaShape. UltraShape is a new type of fat distorting ultrasound which is totally painless and VelaShape is a skin tightening and body contouring device using radio frequency NRF.

The Spa also offers body improvement or enhancement, appearance care if you will, that’s the name, laser hair removal, vein ablation with both laser and sclerotherapy, as well as a number of other body non-invasive technologies that are sure to improve certain areas.

But, many patients really need surgical intervention for the body including breast augmentation or breast lifting procedures, breast reduction in many cases and the mommy makeover or abdominoplasty, Botox or thigh lifting, other areas that are more of a surgical type of intervention and those types of interventions are things that I’ve taken a lot of time and care in many years or so referring patients both here in San Francisco to doctors both here in San Francisco and doctors in the right cases, in LA when the patient has the wherewithal to travel as I really think there are some super, super, experts in body plastic surgery. They spend most of their practice doing and perfecting parts of body plastic surgery and become exquisitely good at it and I want to make sure that any patient that is referred from my practice for body surgery gets the very best outcome at a standard that I withhold for myself for the face.

So in working with a number of body plastic surgeons over the years and in San Francisco Bay Area, having colleagues that I’ve worked with and sent patients to, and they’ve sent patients to me for facial things and in Los Angeles area I think we found the right combination of surgeons to work with and refer to, and I’m very certain will provide all of my patients the very best outcomes.

So I divided those into categories and I’ve done some explanation on my website of the overview of body plastic surgery, I don’t do this surgery but I certainly study it and I talk to my colleagues about it to understand it so that I can explain it to my patients and make sure that I can give them good information about what they should ask about in choosing a surgeon, what the risk are of the surgery, the benefits and even the alternatives, which are very important to understand.

If you have any questions about body plastic surgery, I’m happy to do that in consultation with you. You can send images, you can send just written questions to the blog at DrMaas.com and I’m very happy to answer those in consultation with my referral sources and colleagues here in San Francisco and Los Angeles to make sure you get the very best quality both answer and outcome through The Maas ClinicTM.

As always it’s my pleasure to talk to you, Corey S. Maas MDTM on Looking Your Best.”

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