“Corey S. Maas MDTM again, back for the video blog with some questions and answers on facelifting. A bunch of them came in this week, and another question that a patient asked was about the Liquid Facelift.

Just a couple of comments about liquid facelift. It’s a marketing program that some doctors have bought into and elected to participate for a small fee. The idea of participation and the liquid facelift is that there’s a group and people who signed up for it and if search it on a web, you get referred out to certain doctors.

Liquid facelift is simply a marketing strategy that employs injectable facial fillers to improve contours of the face. It’s not truly a facelift that improves the neck sagging and jowling or hanging, it’s just another way of doing facial volumization and improvement of facial contours using injectable fillers.

Nothing wrong with it, nothing wrong with marketing terms like it, but it’s certainly not a facelift. So I had to comment on it since we get a lot of question about it and I think it’s worth doing it. Thank you for viewing, DrMaas.com on Looking your Best.”

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