Fall is officially here, which means that those long evenings of summertime daylight are slowly dwindling. With the amount of fun things there are to do in the summer, exercising doesn’t always come easy, but it’s awfully convenient. Plus, the warmer weather makes you more motivated to head outdoors and stay in shape. You can step right outside and go for a jog or swim, and because the days are longer, you have more daylight hours to do things like move around and work out.

That’s not to say that exercising is impossible at all other times of the year, quite the opposite, actually, but it can be taxing to get up and move when the temperature outside is telling you otherwise. One way to combat these feelings of lethargy is indoor fitness classes that are currently in full swing; they are the perfect solution for staying in shape throughout the chillier seasons. If you are looking to maintain your summertime physique or simply think there’s no better time than now to get into shape, the Maas ClinicTM has some ideas for where you can get fit this fall.


When running on a treadmill gets monotonous, a barre class could be what you need to spice things up. A ballet-inspired, full-body circuit workout, barre can help you improve your flexibility, stamina and strength as you motion through a 45-minute or one-hour class.

The courses offered at Avant-Barre include fast-paced workshops and slower, more deliberate classes that give you the cardio and strength-training exercises you are looking for. You will not stop moving during your training session, and with the dance-inspired themes and motivational music, you won’t want to!

During their Signature course, you will move through the disciplines of Pilates, yoga and classical ballet, which allow you to focus on strengthening your core and conditioning your body overall. Their Sculpt class slows things down and tones muscles by using the strength of your own body weight, allowing you to truly appreciate the structure of each exercise.

Barry’s Bootcamp

If cardio and strength-training are the ideal workout combo, then Barry’s Bootcamp offers just the right amount to get you toned and in shape. Each class is an hour long and split between 30-minutes of treadmill running and 30 minutes of free-weights, medicine balls and resistance bands.

The goal of each course is to boost your cardiovascular system and increase your endurance as well as sculpt your body and help you lose weight. Add those elements to blasting music and a deep ambiance and you’ve got an invigorating way to burn over 1,000 calories in a single class.

Barry’s Bootcamp has been rated “The Best Celebrity Workout” by Allure and has seen the likes of models and olympic athletes in their studios. It’s a group workout environment for all fitness levels that also provides the amount of support you need to feel confident as you complete each exercise.

TaylorFit Studio

Achieving a full-body workout in 60 minutes is what TaylorFit Studio can offer you. Taylor instructs core and resistance-based classes that are both fast-paced and high-intensity so that you work your entire body and stay motivated throughout the course. You’ll also practice combinations of circuit training, cardio and barre for the ultimate workout session.

Taylor’s personalized attention to each of her clients is what they enjoy most about taking her classes as well as her custom-created workouts built specifically for improving muscle tone, flexibility, endurance and determination. You will feel encouraged to get in shape and become stronger.

Taylor’s courses not only challenge the body, but work to strengthen the mind as you move through each exercise. You will become more toned, but also more self-assured and amazed at what your body is capable of.

Sweat Republic

If your main priority is having fun, then sign up for a course at Sweat Republic. They offer a unique selection of over 35 classes that give you the option to tap into your inner sexy, yogi or Beyoncé with workshops that focus on qualities like mindfulness, chair dancing and, you guessed it, the dance moves of the queen herself.

With course titles like “mASSive Moves,” “ReggaeTone,” and “Hip Hop Yoga” you know you are in for a good time no matter what course you choose or your level of experience. The instructors also pride themselves on their mission to create a community rather than focusing entirely on athleticism.

There are even classes devoted to certain regions, like your lower body or abdominals — a great workout session for those who only wish to tone up a singular part of their body and enhance their physique. You will also find courses that include poles, acrobatics and mechanical surfboards. There’s a workout for everyone at Sweat Republic, which range in time from 25 minutes to an hour. It’s a great way to meet new people, have fun and, of course, sweat.

Working out in any of these studios will keep you warm and in shape all the way until next summer. Find them online and book your first workout session today. In the meantime, be sure to continue looking your best by visiting the Maas ClinicTM for your aesthetic needs. If you would like more information about the surgical and nonsurgical procedures that we offer, contact our office at 415-567-7000 and schedule a consultation.

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