”We’re doing these very tiny micro grafts which is a technique that we’ve developed along with the special way I do it, with this very small, it’s a 19 gauge needle and 20 gauge needles, really the same needles we use to do injections and I’m making tiny little slits here in between his existing hairs and that’s enough for us to slip the hair graft in and you can see from the little slits that I created how much density I can do. I can probably get on the average patient up to 20 to 30 grafts per centimeters squared which is pretty much of full frontal hairline.

So I’m working now as I count these grafts and I’ve got my technician which will show you in just a second, working in the other room cutting them into natural follicular unit hair grafts, hairs grow naturally in 1, 2 or 3 unit groups. So there’s 1, 2 or 3 hairs and a follicular unit and they’re cutting them under magnification to exactly that specification, just like our hair grows naturally and as I placed this which will show you a little bit later, the density of these grafts will be so high in the natural appearance of them, that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the hairs that he started with and the hairs that I’m going to be transplanting in just a second.

So I wanted to get a chance to show you a little bit about hair grafting, there’s a lot of confusion about it, there’s a lot of excitement about it about it with all the marketing going in to the system that does punch grafting which was really not at all-new, we’ve been doing punch grafting for decades now and so the big discussion now is between the script technique which is where you harvest the strip from the posterior or the back part of the head and then when the technicians cut the strip and the argument against that is it has a linear scar but I’ll tell you that I’ve done many, many of these, I’ve never had a person that had a scar that was even noticeable so that’s not really an issue when it’s done well.

If you’re really going to grow super short hair, if you want to crop like a crew cut, that’s a good candidate for doing the punch grafting technique. There’s a number of different companies that do it Neograft is of course the most popular of them, very nice system, easy to use but the system itself it not as important as the design of the hairline which I worked out with this patient and then of course the placement and direction of these grafts which we do with great care.

So if you have any questions on hair grafting don’t hesitate to write us at or you can visit our website at and as always it’s Corey S. Maas MDTM on Looking Your Best.”

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