“I got a question today about facelift recovery, and I think we have a lot of the information published on our website at I encourage you to go look at the site if you want some written information. is the video blog and is where there’s a repository of information.

This patient was concerned about how much time she’s have to take off work, and when she could go back into the public eye and not look scary, or as she described, “like a freak.”

Facelift recovery is at the most about a 10-day to 2 week process for most patients. The first week, people are pretty swollen, and sort of, in many cases, pumpkin head swollen, so you got to be prepared and not be doing any social activities for the first week.

The rate limiting thing in terms of returning back to your normal social activities is bruising, and for most people bruising is pretty much limited to just focal areas within about 10 days, which can easily be disguised with make-up since the incisions are hidden in the hairline and other areas. That’s not really a worry because there’s light red, but bruising really is where the rubber meets the road in terms of getting back into the normal social activities.

10 days, 2weeks in that range with a little make up. Most people can be back and doing normal things without anybody having you know “we had something done.”

That’s a general idea obviously, we’re assuming everything goes smoothly, and I think for most people with us, that’s the general range for people in recovery from a standard lower facelift.

Corey S. Maas video blog, or visit us on our site at, and don’t forget to send in your questions.”

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