“I’m answering questions again. I had a lot of them on facelift surgery in the last week and I wanted to try to get many of them addressed it’s a popular thing to do this time of year and a lot of people are thinking about rolling back the clock 10 or 15 years, which is really, with a lower face lifter or facelift in our standard terminology does.

The most recent question was “How can I avoid getting a pulled look from a facelift,” which all of us see when we watch TV, and we see the celebs, and we look at people in US magazine, and these bad results are so common, and I’ll tell you there’s two reasons for them, and then I’ll get back to that question.

The reasons for these unusual outcomes are either unusual or extreme expectations from the patient and usually that’s done in combination with the doctor who’s promising something that’s unusual or extreme.

There’s absolutely no reason that anyone should have a pulled or stretched look with a facelift procedure. Facelifts are designed to make people look better, to roll back the years, but they should look totally natural. Restoring the jawline, the neck angle and improving the wrinkle and creased around the mouth and cheek area.

So the patient asked me “How do I avoid it?” and I would say the simple answer is make sure you’ve got a doctor that understands what you’re concerns are, that is able to address those, and make sure that their concerns are that you get a natural look.

There are lots of docs that promote doing various kinds of facelifts, I don’t think you have to minimize the outcomes in any way to avoid the stretched look. I think you can have great contour of the jaw line, great improvement of the neck, without looking stretch or pulled, and the best way for you as a patient to get a good result is that you can control this, is to find a doctor that is seeking with you, a natural look, and restoration of the contour.

The techniques that are used are really important in this regard, they don’t want to pull the skin too tight. Many doctors do a skin only technique or a very nominal technique with the so-called SMAS or deep connective tissue layer underneath the skin.

Those typically require a lot of skin tension to get good contour. I’d just summarize by saying as long as your expectations are reasonable and you have a good idea what you want there’s absolutely no reason to get a pulled or stretched look on the face and that shouldn’t happen.

Getting referrals from friends that have had good results, looking at the doctors photographs, asking the physician surgeon about the experience they’ve had in doing facelift are all important things in terms of evaluating who does your lift, and who does your lift is really the important thing in terms of avoiding that stretch or windswept type of look.

Dr Maas video blog, thanks for viewing. Don’t forget to send in your questions and you can send them by video if you wish, by going to DrMaas.com and dropping both a video and a message, and we can try to answer your questions. Thank you!”

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