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Mid Facelift San Francisco

The midface is the area below the eyelid and above the lip, and it is really an area of early facial aging in many patients.

With a midface lift, we are repositioning the cheek pad tissue back-up to the area where it used to be, for patients who have plenty of soft tissue volume.

This region is the focus of intense scrutiny from the medical community, as a number of injectable fillers that restore volume are being widely marketed, including Juvederm, Voluma, and Radiesse. However, in many cases we don’t need to restore volume in the midface, we need to lift the midface when its sagging.

A midface lift in San Francisco can restore a more youthful look, without using expensive fillers or having to undergo recurrent treatments, but it is important to understand the difference between volume loss, and loss of volume due to sinking of the tissues in the middle part of the face.

Conceptually, a percutaneous midface lift is a simple process of moving the fatty and soft tissues, along with the skin, from lower in the face back up into the cheek, which really should be the high point of our midface.

Through a tiny incision in the cheek, a device is placed and the midface cheek fat pad that sinks down with age is suspended, and contour is restored.

A midface lift can be performed alone, but it can also be combined with a lower face lift or even a mini lift.

The procedure can be done under local anesthesia in the office, with or without sedation.

Recovery after percutaneous midface lift is relatively short. There’s a little bit of swelling typically in the upper cheek that can last for a week or so, and there’s typically not much bruising.

The incisions are so tiny on the face that really they’re invisible when you leave the office.

If you have any other questions about the percutaneous midface lift or restoring volume in the midface, please call The Maas Clinic at 415.567.7000.

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