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Mini Facelift San Francisco

By the time many of us reach our forties and fifties, we experience drooping along the jaw line and sagging of the mid-face and neck area.

A mini lift is a procedure that targets saggy and wrinkly skin on the lower third of the face to restore facial contour, in less time and with less intrusion than a traditional facelift.

Many different procedures marketed to patients are represented as “mini lifts,” but not all mini lifts the same. Even among facelift experts, there is significant discussion and dissension about what constitutes a “facelift.” One Hour Lifts, Quick Lifts, S Lifts and other procedures have billed themselves as “mini lifts,” creating confusion among patients.

The original term facelift really described a lower facelift, the lower two-thirds of the face being addressed. Whether a facelift was done with the skin technique or a skin and underlying connective tissue technique or a deep plane technique, it was all about addressing the lower part of the face.

Putting the marketing aside, there are really two types of mini lifts. There’s a mini lift of the face, which addresses the cheek and jawline area, and there’s a mini lift of the neck, which addresses just the neck area and also improves the jawline, to some extent.

Mini Lift in San Francisco at The Maas Clinic

During a mini lift of the face, the patient will receive local anesthesia with sedation or deep sleep anesthesia, if the patient desires. Working in the SMAS layer, contour will be restored to the face, specially the jawline, the marionette line and the lower part of the nasolabial fold as the skin is gently elevated. The incision will be hidden behind the hairline, as long as the patients hairline is okay.

The mini lift of the neck is very similar that we’re hiding the incisions back behind the ear and into the hairline. Liposuction is done through a tiny little incision under the chin, and from that point, loose skin on each side will be gently pulled back, restoring contour to the neck.

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