“A bunch of questions came in this week about face lifting and various forms of face-lifting, and I wanted to address these questions. There is so much confusion out there that I think it’s worth addressing some of them.

There’s been a lot of media attention recently with Madonna and others to have been reported to have the so-called ribbon lift, the GN Papa suture that was strung from ear to ear underneath the skin.

There’s a new mattressing type of suture called the eye guide that goes underneath the neck, crisscrossing a lot like a mattress. There’s an endotine which looks like a ribbon and I suspect that the ribbon lift is probably a good marketing way of describing the endotine device, which is a device that’s made of polylactic acid, it’s basically a small flat device with several holes in it, polylactic acid is what vicryl suture is made and over time dissolves so that’s a benefit but it shaped and formed like a ribbon and at the end of it there’s a small spike catch device that is engaged into the soft tissues.

This technique is used to a very commonly for elevating the mid-face region. A small incision is made in a temporal hairline and under the lip. The device is inserted underneath the skin, engages the fatty tissues of the cheek and is elevated and sutured into place. That device dissolves over time.

There’s a much better way, in my opinion of doing mid-face lifting with the technique that we’ve developed called the endoscopic midface lift, or the percutaneous mid facelift, more specifically.

If you want more information on the percutaneous mid facelift, please don’t hesitate to visit our website I will be doing a video blog demonstrating the actual percutaneous mid facelift very soon, so that should be available on, as well as our website which is a library of information.

Thank you for asking the question, don’t forget to send your videos and questions to Dr. Maas on Looking Your Best.”

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