”I had the opportunity last weekend, the weekend of October 25th to spend some time with the key opinion leaders on cosmetic injectable in Montreal Canada working with the company Gal Derma that now has Dysport and of course for many years has been involve with Restylane worldwide and we’ll now be doing Restylane in the United States.

They have a new product Restylane Silk, they’re going to call it in the US, that is soon to be approved and they had us using it and observing it done in Canada because its approved there and it allowed us to get some hands on experience as well, and see how Canadian experts were using it, in which ways they were using it, and some of the finer techniques with this.

In EU and Canada and many of the other countries in the world Restylane Silk is called Restylane Fine Line and what this represents is I’ll show you and one of our little experiments or trials, we were able to take the raw material product, the gelatin if you will, of hyaluronan which hyaluronan is a long chain sugar which we’ve talked about before that occurs naturally in the body that is made up in our skin and our joints is a ground substance restractural component of those tissues and of course when they manufacture it, it is very common thus in nature and humans and all animals and as one that the body easily recognizes.

In this little practical that I’ll show you here in a minute we’re taking the gel in its raw form and I’m sort of showing you how this material looks as they use it in a kind of a block, and then the material as we get it delivered in the syringe in the form of Perlane is much more granular and the r larger particles that represent Perlane and then smaller particles represent Restylane and even smaller still if you will particles if you can think of Jell-O that’s chop up in the tiny little fine particles becomes what is known as Restylane Silk and we’re very hopeful and I talked to many of my patients about this, that this will represent in out of this syringe answer for fine lines like the little tiny radial lines around the lips that parenthesis line around the mouth and even forehead lines that we have limited ability to treat with Botox because of the issue of potentially dropping the eyebrows.

So please enjoy the video, playing with these materials when they’re out of the syringe gives us some sense of their malleability, the properties that they exhibit when they’re in the freeform and as you’ll see the Restylane Silk is very fine and clear where the Perlane that we commonly use in areas for volume enhancement has a much more granular appearance to it. So hopefully Restylane Silk will be soon available to us, we’ll be offering that for fine lines and other indications and working with all of our patients.

So as a part of this meeting of the Gal Derma key opinion leaders, we’re looking at these newer HA products specifically the Restylane Silk as it will be describe in the US and what I’m playing with right now is a block of the nascent HA, you can see these HA’s or hyaluronin and then I’m really moving over to one of the finished products actually, which go into the syringe which is Perlane, and Perlane is all these products derived from the same block but Perlane is a much larger particle size that you can see it looks kind of granular in nature and then I’m moving to Restylane and Restylane, when I say particles which what I’m really meaning is that you saw the original block is sort like a block of Jell-O and what’s done in preparation is that these Jello blocks are made in the much finer particle so Restylane is finer and less granular if you will, looking than the Perlane and the new one that were about to release and that they’ve had us come in and advise on is this Restylane Silk and you can see that it almost sticks to itself, it’s got a very adherent nature, and these are really microscopic almost particle sizes that make up Restylane Silk so its demoing really the Restylane Silk and how it sticks to itself much finer particle size and really in Europe and other areas of the world it’s called Restylane Fine Lines which the Food and Drug Administration in the US didn’t provide those in terms for the Restylane product. Restylane Fine Lines or Restylane Silk will be something that will be seeing a lot of it in the future and hopefully it will out in new tool for us to get even better variety and what we can offer our patients.

If you have any questions about Restylane Silk and you want to learn more about that for fine lines or other indications, please don’t hesitate to write me or contact me through our site DrMaas.com or MaasClinic.com you’ll see information coming up there. I’m certainly happy to take video questions or written questions and answer them for you.

As always it’s my pleasure to speak with you, this is Corey S. Maas MDTM on Looking Your Best.”

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