”I’m excited to talk about a product that has been newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, it’s in the family of Restylane made by a company Galderma and Restylane. As many of you know, there’s Restylane L with Lidocaine and of course in that family is Perlane has slightly larger particle size and then the newest product is called Restylane Silk.

Restylane Silk worldwide has been around for over a decade and it’s called Restylane Fine Lines in Europe and in Canada. In the US it’s going to be called Restylane Silk and it’s been specifically design for a very small particle size, if you will. Think of these things as jell. I’ve talked about this before and the very tiny particle size of jell makes it flow very smoothly and makes it a really good product for indications like the radial fine lines around the lips which are commonly discussed with my patients and concerns about those.

It can be used in fine lines really anywhere on the face and it’s also been indicated for lip enhancement in general. So using it along lip boarder is a good option for small and subtle enhancements and I really think that’s the key thing with these new products we have to get away from what I call the poke and plum technique. I’m seeing way too many patients with over filled cheeks and ballooned out lips that really do not make the lips look more youthful, they make you look ridiculous in my mind, and there is a lot of things that we can do to make people look better without making them look like they’ve had interventions. Restylane Silk offers us a great opportunity to do that with fine lines. It’s again, a small molecule, tiny particle size and you’ll be hearing a lot more about Restylane Silk in the near future.

Restylane Silk is delivered as a syringe or 1 ML syringe, tiny little injections in a very small needle. So please look forward to research for doing with it now. We are offering it as a clinically available product and we’re excited to see the future of this and the number of other new injectable filler products as we go forward.

If you have any questions about Restylane Silk, please don’t hesitate to write me at DrMaas.com. You can send photographs if you want to whatever you’re indication or concern is and I’m happy to provide you some answers or even do some video imaging. I’m happy to show you what the before and after could look like. This Corey S. Maas MDTM as always on Looking Your Best. “

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