Time is a valuable commodity, especially over the always-busy holidays. Whether you’re making travel arrangements, taking care of seasonal tasks at work or double-checking your Thanksgiving menu, it might feel like you barely have time to sit still — let alone treat yourself to a much-needed spa day. But before you let your to-do list take precedence over the health of your skin, consider scheduling a laser resurfacing treatment at the Maas ClinicTM. These sessions typically last an hour or less, you’ll see results right away and the improvements to your skin can endure for years.

Noticeable Results

Our CO2 fractional laser treatments, ActiveFX and DeepFX, can produce exceptional results in a short amount of time. Both treatments use the laser’s heat energy to remove old, unhealthy skin cells, triggering a chain reaction of healing processes in your skin like collagen production, cell renewal and tissue rebuilding. The results are stunning: as soon as the healing process has cleared, you’ll see new, softer and smoother skin that has a noticeably improved tone and texture. Laser treatments are ideal for redness, fine lines, sun damage and acne scarring, eliminating or reducing these concerns in a matter of days and weeks.

What ActiveFX and DeepFX Can Do for You

If your concerns are surface-level — dryness, sun spots or fine lines — ActiveFX is often a great fit. ActiveFX is a gentler treatment that causes the surface of your skin to peel and regenerate; you’ll feel an immediate improvement in skin tightness, and see more marked results in wrinkles and tone as you heal. For more significant concerns — wrinkles, loose skin or scarring — DeepFX may be right for you. This more intense treatment is designed to completely rejuvenate your skin, from the deepest layers up to the surface. After you heal, you’ll immediately notice improvements in your skin from a more supple and volumized feel to the significantly decreased appearance of deep-set wrinkles like folds and frown lines.

Improvements Over Time

While the quick healing time and immediate improvements make laser resurfacing convenient and gratifying, these fast results are only the beginning. Our laser resurfacing clients see even more changes in their skin for up to six months after their procedures, as the deeper healing processes rebuild your tissues and rejuvenate your skin. ActiveFX and DeepFX stimulate the production of collagen, which, over time, will lessen the appearance of wrinkles and folds even more than the initial treatment. They also cause the elimination of damaged skin cells, so visible damage will be lessened right away but will continue to improve as more cells are removed by your body’s immune responses.

Long Lasting Benefits

At the Maas ClinicTM, we also recommend laser skin resurfacing because your results will not fade as quickly as they appeared — it is one thing to enjoy immediate results, but it is even better when those results can last years and even a lifetime. With proper recovery care and good long-term skincare techniques, you can keep your skin looking healthy and younger for years to come. ActiveFX and DeepFX eliminate cells that have become damaged over the years and help new ones to grow in their place — it is much easier to prevent damage to these new cells than it is to fix the damage to the old ones. Laser resurfacing treatments truly allow you to start over with your skin.

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Lift your holiday spirits by stepping into the Thanksgiving season with a refreshed look and rejuvenated confidence. If you are ready to be thankful for your skin this year, you can learn more about our laser treatments and whether they would be right for you by contacting the Maas ClinicTM today. Call us at 415-567-7000 — our knowledgeable staff is available to help answer questions and schedule your consultation.

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