Despite the impact of the pandemic, the $15 billion medical spa industry is seeing explosive growth, and many plastic surgeons are wondering if adding this lucrative practice to their business is a smart investment.

Plastic Surgery Practice recently asked Dr. Maas to weigh in on the process and expectations of opening a med spa. As the founder of The Maas Clinic and The Appearance Care Center, Dr. Maas has invaluable advice for physicians considering this new venture.

In this article, Dr. Maas covers:

  • Building a competent team
  • Reputation-building through marketing
  • How to get quality referrals
  • Using accessibility as a selling point
  • How to stay competitive in a constantly evolving market

Dive in here to see Dr. Maas’ tips for expanding your reach, impact and income as a medical spa owner.

Want to hear more from Dr. Maas and PSP? Earlier this year, Dr. Maas joined PSP Co-Chief Editors Alison Werner and Keri Stephens for an episode of the MEDQOR Podcast to discuss the latest trends in the facial plastic surgery sector, the issues keeping plastic surgeons up at night, his favorite aspects of the profession, and more. Listen here.

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