“Another question came up on rhinoplasty, which just happened over the holidays. Somebody had their nose done. They had a little time to recover, and of course during the holiday festivities there was a lot of activity, and the nose was bumped. The question was “Will this have a long term impact on their outcome?”

The simple answer is that with light bumps it’s unlikely, but with bigger bumps the nose is. With nasal bones, the nose is relatively susceptible to injury so we’re careful in our practice to keep a nasal cast on for the first week, and we’ll return that cast to the patient if they’re doing a lot of activities. If they’re going to be outside or in a place where they might be bumped, you can place the cast which doesn’t prevent the nose bones from being dislocated, specifically, but it does defuse any pressure that’s applied directly to the nose or specifically to an area of the nose. So there are some nice preventative ways to avoid injury post-rhinoplasty.

The nasal bones are fairly fixed within the first couple of weeks with fibers adhesion, and then after a couple of months it’s very unlikely, or not any more likely than the other time, for the nose bones to be hit and disrupted or in any way deformed on the rhinoplasty.

So thank you again for tuning in. Hopefully, there’s a couple of slide presentations coming up specifically on revision rhinoplasty, which represents probably 60 or 70% of the rhinoplasty surgery I do now here in San Francisco. So thank you for your attention, again Corey S. Maas MDTM on looking your best at DrMaas.com.”

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