Chin Augmentation Recovery San Francisco

Chin Augmentation Recovery – San Francisco Healing

We are able to reshape patients’ chins using the chin augmentation procedure. This surgery places an implant in the chin region to provide shape and volume. One subject that will be discussed prior to the procedure is chin augmentation recovery. For two to four days of your chin augmentation recovery, you will wear a light… Read Full Article
Ultrasoft Lip Implants San Francisco

Ultrasoft Lip Implants – Lip Augmentation San Francisco

Surgical lip enhancement is an excellent method of creating permanent lip volume and shape. One type of surgical lip augmentation involves the use of Ultrasoft lip implants. Ultrasoft lip implants are made of Ultrasoft. While many implants are made of materials like Gortex or Advanta, we prefer Ultrasoft for permanent soft-tissue augmentation. It has the… Read Full Article

Hands on Facial Implant Demo

“With facial implants, what we’re doing is creating a space on an area that might be weak, say the chin area or the cheek are two popular areas, also the angle of the jaw is an area where a lot of patients are looking for more contour. The beauty of the new preformed implants that… Read Full Article

Facial Implants vs. Cosmetic Injections

”Implantable materials have been used for many centuries in humans and there been a whole series of them tried. In today’s world, we’re using a lot of injectable soft tissue fillers, you’ve heard me talk about them, they are very exciting products, things that we can do in a very small procedure in the office… Read Full Article

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