Depressed Scars San Francisco

Depressed Scars – Scar Treatment San Francisco

When your scar is at a lower level on the skin than the rest of the surrounding skin, it is called a depressed scar. For depressed scars, we typically use dermal filler injections. Dermal filler injections have the ability to elevate depressed scars. Patients come in for injections of soft-tissue filler products like Restylane, Cosmoderm,… Read Full Article
Scar Treatment San Francisco

Scar Treatment – Red Scars San Francisco

Are you concerned about the redness of a scar? This is generally a marker of inflammation during healing and can be addressed using various scar treatment methods. Normal scars typically lose their redness gradually over the course of around six to eight weeks from their creation. To speed up this process, we can use either… Read Full Article

Can I Fix a Noticeable Scar on My Face?

 “I wanted to talk today about scar revision. I’ve had a number of patients that have come-in in recent weeks with scars on their face or scalp, the areas where they’re most noticeable, of course.  In this case a patient, younger patient came in, with a vertical scar in his chin which was really… Read Full Article

Scar Revision for Acne

“Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about pitted scars, and pitted scars come in a couple of varieties. They are often from previous infectious diseases like chicken pox and now we’re hearing about measles, but more commonly they’re from acne. We describe acne scars as being ice picked type of scars which are… Read Full Article

Introduction to Scar Revision

“I wanted to comment today a little bit about scars and scar revision because it’s a commonly asked question and one that many patients are concerned about. They come in with long existing scars, many times they’ve been told there’s nothing they can do about the scar, or that the treatments are worse than the… Read Full Article

Can I Remove a Scar from Brow Lift Surgery?

“I had a question today that was brought to me from a patient that had had a previous brow lift surgery about improving the scar. This patient had gone from basically a full headed hair look to a shaved head look and was concerned about the appearance of a depressed scar. It’s very similar to… Read Full Article

Treatment Options for Facial Scars

“I wanted to talk a little bit today about scars and I’ve had a lot of questions about them lately. A patient came in that had a long standing red scar that was caused by road rash. Basically fell, was in an accident and had a scrape on the pavement or asphalt and in many… Read Full Article
Scar Therapy San Francisco

Scar Therapy – Erase Scars San Francisco

Whether a result of injury or other causes, scars can feel like a problem that just won’t go away. Scar therapy eases away prominent and unwanted scars, leaving behind smooth and beautiful skin. To treat hyperpigmented or darker scars, we offer three scar therapy options: IPL phototherapy, fractional laser resurfacing, and prescription medical creams. Over-the-counter… Read Full Article
Scar Revision San Francisco

Scar Revision – Scar Therapy San Francisco

After any sort of skin trauma, a scar may remain in the area. We often wish these skin-marring blemishes would disappear and leave our skin looking smooth and beautiful once again. With scar revision, we can ease away or remove scars entirely. It’s important to remember that the scar revision procedure’s degree of success will… Read Full Article

Facial Resurfacing After Scar Revision

”I wanted to talk a little bit today about the timing and use even, of resurfacing of the skin after scar revision. I’ve had a number of patients that have come in after injury, they’ve had scar repairs or they have had a primary repair in an emergency room and were concerned about the way… Read Full Article

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