Facial Resurfacing San Francisco

Facial Resurfacing – San Francisco Laser Treatments

When you come in for laser facial resurfacing, you’ll have the choice between an ActiveFX laser treatment and the pairing of ActiveFX with a DeepFX laser treatment. Both of these are effective for rejuvenating the skin, but they do so in different ways and each is better for treatment of various skin issues. The ActiveFX… Read Full Article

Does Facial Skin Resurfacing Thin Your Skin?

“I wanted to talk a little bit today about resurfacing and some of the myths that are out there about resurfacing and really disprove some of those myths because resurfacing of the skin is a technique that is certainly not new, is one that we know revitalizes the skin. If done correctly, (lasers) can really… Read Full Article

Skin Rejuvenation for Hands

“I’m a little voice impaired today but I’m going to try to go through an area that’s of great interest to a lot of people, and that’s hand rejuvenation, something we do a fair amount of here at The Maas ClinicTM and the Appearance Care CenterTM or Medi Spa. With hand rejuvenation, there are a lot of… Read Full Article
Laser Skin Resurfacing San Francisco

Laser Skin Resurfacing – San Francisco Skin Rejuvenation

For those looking to rejuvenate their appearance, Laser skin resurfacing is an effective non-surgical method of removing skin imperfections and evening out the skin. Our laser skin resurfacing features fractional laser technology. When the skin is being treated with a fractional laser, only microscopic sections of the skin layer are being targeted. This technique leaves… Read Full Article
Scar Therapy San Francisco

Scar Therapy – Erase Scars San Francisco

Whether a result of injury or other causes, scars can feel like a problem that just won’t go away. Scar therapy eases away prominent and unwanted scars, leaving behind smooth and beautiful skin. To treat hyperpigmented or darker scars, we offer three scar therapy options: IPL phototherapy, fractional laser resurfacing, and prescription medical creams. Over-the-counter… Read Full Article

Fractional Laser for Acne Management

“I had a patient that came in today who has both chronic slightly active acne and older acne and chicken pox scars and she wanted to know the best course of action to improve the texture of her skin, as well as help to prevent the acne that’s coming out occasionally hormonally is really her… Read Full Article

Facial Resurfacing After Scar Revision

”I wanted to talk a little bit today about the timing and use even, of resurfacing of the skin after scar revision. I’ve had a number of patients that have come in after injury, they’ve had scar repairs or they have had a primary repair in an emergency room and were concerned about the way… Read Full Article

Is Fractional Laser Resurfacing Comparable to a Facelift?

“I had some questions on facelift, and another I want to address today is the overplaying of the value of lasers. Lasers are wonderful tools, I have 15 of them that are used for various different indications. These machines are invaluable parts of what we do in managing the aging face and the aging skin… Read Full Article

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