Is it ok to have a facelift at a young age? Dr. Maas of The Maas ClinicTM in San Francisco answers this common plastic surgery question.

“I wanted to get to some of the questions that we’re coming up around face-lifting. A 45-year old patient came in and asked “Is this too early to have a facelift?” and the answer to that question, in quick summary, is “No.” The conditions, really, are what dictate the need for the procedure that we are doing. Many young patients have premature aging particularly those who are smokers or have been smokers or patients that have had a lot of sun exposure. The biggest factor, which none of us control, is really genetics. If you gave a genetic predisposition to hanging skin, and there’s even a number of medical conditions that can cause extreme skin laxity, and people who suffer from these are very good candidates for doing facelifts at the age of 40.The average age now is coming down with lifting, people are feeling youthful and energetic and very productive in their early 50’s, even late 40’s, and have a face that doesn’t match what they feel like inside. As long as the conditions of the face warrant a lift, it’s a total appropriate procedure. Those conditions, if I might describe them, are jowling or hanging of the soft tissues of the cheek, definition usually is occurring and the marionette line is very commonly loose skin with lines along the side of the cheek and a nasolabial fold that’s deepening. Those are the conditions that warrant it, but if anybody has a question and would like to know if they are good candidate you certainly don’t have to come to San Francisco. I’ll be happy to see your video or your photographs on video blog.You can submit your photographs or s videos and I’ll be happy to comment on them and give you an idea of whether you are a good candidate for a facelift procedure. Thanks again for listening; Don’t forget to send your videos, pictures and questions at video blog on looking your best.”

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