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Eyelid Surgery San Francisco

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    “Hi I’m Dr. Corey Maas, a board certified facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco and an associate clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco. I'm a member of the board of directors of the National American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and my practice focuses on facial cosmetic surgery. I really wanted to talk about something I’m very interested in which is blepharoplasty surgery or eyelid surgery and eyelid lift as it’s commonly called.

    The eyelid itself is something that becomes droopy really in our early 30's as the brow comes down and hangs, as this skin in the upper eyelid gets loser. It begins to shed right on top of the eyelid or the eye lashes, and with Blepharoplasty surgery, a minimally invasive procedure that can be done really within an hour or so in the office, we're able to lift that loosen redundant skin away from the eyelid, reduce any buldging fat pads that occur there, and restore a much more youthful, awake appearance to patients.

    The main thing people complain about with eyelids is that they look tired, worried or angry when they're really not. So this procedure is a great way of addressing it. When we do the procedure, there's a little incision that's made right along the natural eyelid crease here and everyone has a natural eyelid crease. We make the incision there with local anesthesia and usually a little bit of sedation if the patients wants but they can actually be sleeping if they want.

    We lift that loose skin up here, I identify the two little fat pads, one at the corner of the eye and one above. If they're two large, we reduce them in size, if they're not we leave them as they are. I re-drape the loose extra skin and simply excise and put a little stitch line in there that comes out after 3 days.

    People are a little bit swollen for about a week, they can have bruising potentially for 7 to 10 days but you feel fine, you look pretty good and within a couple of weeks you're doing your normal social functioning activities.

    Let take a look at some before and after pictures where you can see the patient look totally natural but more rested, relaxed, and just has brighter looking eyes.

    So if you're interested in looking a little better and getting to rid of the tired, worried look associated with eyelid aging, please visit the website for a lot of information we have there or call the office for an appointment."