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Laser Skin Resurfacing San Francisco

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    “Hi I’m Dr. Corey Maas, a board certified facial plastic surgeon and associate clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco. As founder and director of The Maas Clinic, our associated medi-spa, the Appearance Care Center of San Francisco, I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the newer technologies that are happening with skin resurfacing.

    Traditional methods of resurfacing includes light sanding or dermabrasion of the skin which is done with the mechanical wheel. Chemical peels which are still very effective and light chemical peels in particular can be done under to lightly rejuvenate the skin with virtually no downtime, and for people who have deeper lines in the skin, rhytids, there's other names for these deeper lines, a newer type of laser resurfacing called fractional laser resurfacing is available. The advantage of this new technology fractional laser resurfacing is that people can get back to their normal lives within a few days after the procedure.

    The original machine, the fraxel laser was a technology that used in erbium type of wavelength and without getting in to all the laser physics, there are newer and better technologies that have been develop over time.

    In principle, fractional laser resurfacing is a way of gently exfoliating the outer layers of skin away. Now with fractional laser resurfacing, instead of the entire skin surface being lightly damaged by the thermal injury, the laser itself has a computer pattern that generates tiny little dots of thermal injury. These little dots are across the entire face and they're very controlled, leaving intact skin between these dots allows the patient to heal in a much more rapid fashion while still stimulating the regenerative forces that are associated with resurfacing.

    In principle, all resurfacing is the same. We are in a very controlled way injuring or wounding the skin and allowing the body's own restorative processes to lay down new collagen, new skin cells that smooth the skin itself. With fractional lasers, we are speeding that process up, giving people about only 4 days of downtime before they can wear make-up, and getting them back to their normal lives with a great result in fine lines and skin tightness.

    Here are a couple of before and after examples of areas where people had a laser, fractional laser skin resurfacing. You can see improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, the fine lines around the mouth are very nicely treated, and in general the skin is tightened and the skin tones are more even after these procedures.

    So if you're interested in getting these fine lines and improving skin tone and quality, please visit our website and/or call the office and make a consultation where we can go over this in detail and I can give you a computer image analysis that can show you the results that you can achieve with fractional laser resurfacing or other types of laser resurfacing.”