Hi I’m Corey S. Maas MDTM, a board certified facial plastic surgeon and associate clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco. As founder and director of The Maas ClinicTM and aesthetic surgery center here in San Francisco that focuses on aesthetic surgery of the face, neck and body, my primary interest is the face and neck regions. I have a lot of patients that are interested in improving just their neck and that’s totally fine. We’ve got some great procedures to address those issues.

One of the simplest one is neck liposuction, which is what we call submental liposuction. For people who have redundancy in this area of their neck, fatty tissues and in particular younger patients. We’re able to do this with tiny little incisions under local or sedation anesthesia and have people walking out within an hour or so after the procedure with the significant improvement in those neck contours. Other patients who have significant skin redundancy or laxity in their neck can get a procedure called the neck lift alone and that procedure is done pretty easily. Let me show you basically how we do this.

With submental liposuction, a tiny little incision is made underneath the chin here, and an incision is made behind each ear that’s very well hidden, just a centimeter long. We use a lot of local anesthesia under the neck typically a patients sedated a little bit so that they’re comfortable, and once this is totally numb we use tiny little cannulas that evacuate the extra fat and actually create a network of tiny little tunnels underneath the skin that while healing, can track up and restore contour to the neck.

This is a particularly effective procedure in a younger patient. For people who are a little older, people who have had a previous facelift, people who needs something a little more for their neck, that procedure can be extended to what we call a neck lift procedure but neck lift procedures we’re making small incisions, back behind the ear and into the hairline along with the submental liposuction and that allows us to put a vector of force or pull on the tissue behind the neck, same thing that we all do in the mirror lifting the skin behind the neck on each side and restoring contour to the jawline and angle back to the neck, and giving a more youthful appearance to us. I mean everybody knows what a strong healthy jawline looks like and how youthful that appears.

Let me show you a couple of examples of before and after pictures of people who have an improved neckline. The results we can get with either submental or neck liposuction procedure or a neck lift.

So if you’re like so many of us that are 50 or older or you’ve got a little extra tissue in the neck and would like to see that jawline back again, please feel free to visit the website, we’ve got a lot of information on how it’s done and how you can get in and out quickly and restore that jawline to more youthful appearance or call the office and make an appointment and I’ll be happy to show you in a computer imaging consultation what you look like now, and what you could look like after this minimally invasive procedure.”

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