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    I've created this short series of little video vignettes to describe, at least in part, the procedures that we offer here at the clinic.

    Just to tell you a little bit about the clinic, I’m the founder and director of the clinic started in 2002. I left the University of California San Francisco, here in San Francisco, after 12 years of service as the Chief of the Division of Facial Plastic Surgery and opened the Maas Clinic, which is staffed by a number of professionals, including a nurse practitioners, aesthetic nurse specialists, other physicians and specialists in plastic surgery, and like myself facial plastic surgery . We have fellows and medical students sometimes rotating through which will be part of your care but certainly not providing the care for you.

    Allow me to talk a little bit about in our first series of video on facelift surgery.

    Facelift is a procedure that we do for patients with aging face features namely jowling around the cheek and jawline area, hanging or lax neck area with lax skin and these are best treated with a surgical procedure commonly known as a facelift or more accurately described as a lower face lift, or a cheek and neck lift.

    There are variety of procedures that I offer that are in the same category as a lower facelift, including a facelift only, which if you were placed in your hands on your cheeks and pulling it back that would be called a mini-facelift. If you were to do with your hands only at the area of the neck, it would be described as a neck lift only, and then if you do the two of them together is what we describe as a lower facelift. Many people that come talk about getting a full face lift and describe eyelid surgery and brow surgery or brow lifting procedures and these are actually separate procedures that we do.

    So that's a brief introduction to our discussion on face-lifting. I have some other materials that we'll be able to both view and read and talking about facelift but I wanted to welcome you to the MaasClinic and take the opportunity to show you some of the opportunities that are available and that we have and offer here at the clinic. Thank you, Dr. Corey Maas and looking forward to having you Looking Your Best.”