The area between the nose and the corner of the mouth, also known as the nasolabial fold, is the most common area treated with a soft tissue filler, like RESTYLANE®. PERLANE®, Belatero, and JUVEDERM®. These hyaluronic acid (HA) products are extremely adjustable or reversible and, as such, are great for the patient who has not yet tried a filler.  Longer-term results can be achieved with fillers like a Radiesse injection, which, while not as versatile, offers a better value and longevity for smile lines. Fillers have proven to be effective treatment for the nasolabial fold using an office procedure taking no more than thirty minutes with minimal discomfort.

*For more information on all cosmetic injections like RESTYLANE injections and other filler products, be sure to read the “PRODUCTS” section in the drop-down menu.

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