“I want to talk a little bit today about Ultherapy, an exciting new technology that everyone’s talking about using ultrasound, or sound wave energy to place focal thermal injuries below the skin surface. This is energy that’s delivered through the skin and onto the fascial or connective tissue layers below the skin and when these little dots of thermal energy that are delivered by the ultrasound, heat the fascia, the fascia or connective tissue contracts and doing lines or vectors of these little ultrasound energy focal points, creates a lifting effect, it’s the first device that’s been approved by the FDA with the indication for lifting.

So again the summary of how this technology works is that the ultrasound wand is placed on the skin surface, the acoustic or sound energy is delivered through the skin which is not damaged at all so there’s no downtime, it’s something that’s non-surgical completely, and quite comfortable for most patients. Those sound waves are delivered through the skin through a focal point well below the skin surface in the fascia and the effect is a lot like we would see in surgery if we were taking a small electro cautery device and pinpoint heating small sections of the fascia and its really clear if you were to see a picture of that. Heating the fascia in a pinpoint way with an electro cautery in surgery that would be the same effect as we did see with Ultherapy with contraction of the fascia and along with contraction comes a lifting with the special vectors that we designed in creating these focal points of thermal energy or injury if you will, that’s very controlled injury under the skin surface.

If you look on Ultherapy online, you’ll see most patients are very happy with the results that I think the big issue is that a very small percentage of people feel like it’s uncomfortable to the point where they don’t want to do it just alone. I’ve developed a technique with local anesthesia that gives a very effective block for the neck, face and forehead area. So this can be really a completely pain-free treatment if you are in fear about pain. In fact, I’ve had the treatment myself and it feels like a tingling feeling when the device is discharge with a little series of lines.

The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on how many areas you’re treating. There is no downtime with Ultherapy and its typically associated with no bruising or even really marks on the skin so you an immediate result and one that improves over the ensuing 3 months with these focal points of fascial tightening or connective tissue tightening, creating a lifting effect.

If you have any questions about ultherapy please don’t hesitate to visit our website at MaasClinic.com or my video blog DrMaas.com or you can write in or send a photograph. I’m happy to morph your picture and show an expected result would be. Or offer some suggestions on what other options might be. I’m always welcoming your questions. This Dr. Corey Mass on Looking Your Best.”

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