“Good morning. video blog and answering some questions that I just encountered this week with some rhinoplasty patients.

We did three this week, there were some very good questions brought up. One of them was, “What is a non-surgical nose job?”

Really, there’s been a lot of media attention with it, a lot of internet traffic about non-surgical nose jobs, and actually I have some examples of non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose jobs on my website at So if you want to visit and see that that would be a good way of, we getting a sense of it.

But basically, it’s a very limited number of patients who are candidates for non-surgical nose jobs and they’re typically patients who either have a saddle depression of the bridge of their nose where (it) goes down slightly, or they have a very weak bridge of the nose and we can use and injectable filler product to improve the height of the bridge of the nose and to some extent the tip of the nose.

So, we can get a little bit of tip definition, and we can also raise, or contour the dorsal height of the nose. In some cases of post rhinoplasty patients, patients that have had previous nose job surgeries where there is small irregularities, I can go in with an injectable filler, and there’s a number of different choices for this, and create some improvement in the contours that are clearly evident.

So I think it’s been a little over played because not everyone is a candidate for a “non-surgical rhinoplasty” and you know I use that in quotes.

There are number of patients, particularly Asian patients in our practice here in San Francisco, who have a weak bridge or dorsum to the nose, and we can improve the contour and definition there and really see a nice result that is satisfactory. These are typically not permanent results but they are quite long lasting.

So if you have any questions about non-surgical rhinoplasty I encourage you again to visit, call the office or write us. At the video blog, you can send questions. This is Dr. Maas on “Looking your Best”

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