What is Tip Rhinoplasty Compared to Regular Rhinoplasty? Dr. Maas explains:

“A number of questions on rhinoplasty coming in this week, and a number of rhinoplasties we did this week, and questions I wanted to share with you, and some answers that I think have some value. One of them that was sent in was, “What is a Tip Rhinoplasty versus a regular rhinoplasty?” Quite frankly, rhinoplasty is an important procedure that has several components to it. The tip really is a very important part of it. Obviously the tip of the nose is just as described, and it has to match with the bridge of the nose. In rare cases, or uncertain cases, there are patients who really just benefit from some refinement of the tip without addressing the bridge or dorsum of the nose. In those cases, we would refer to it as a tip rhinoplasty. Some cases of this, in fact the most common I see are because a large part of my practice is doing revision rhinoplasties or fixing noses that are not quite perfect after what had been done before. Those are good examples of patients who will sometimes need tip rhinoplasties. In those cases, I’ll see a little irregularity or deformity on one side or the other, something that I can fix just by adjusting the tip without addressing the bridge, bringing down the bridge any lower, or adjusting the dorsum of the nose, the lateral part, the outside part of the nose with osteotomy. So, tip rhinoplasty just limited to the tip, limited number of patients that need it. Thank you for that question, Dr. Maas on “Looking Your Best””

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