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Xeomin – The Botox Alternative

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    “I wanted to introduce a new idea and new product to the system, and one that we're quite excited about, it’s another neuromodulator a lot like Dysport and Botox called Xeomin.

    Xeomin, I’ve commented on before and in other videos and describing its differences but just to review. It is like Botox and Dysport but the surrounding proteins that are found in nature around the active molecule, the active molecules, a very small 150 kilodol molecule that is responsible for blocking the signal between the nerve endings in the muscle.

    All those running proteins are stripped away with Xeomin so there's less protein load which was thought early on to be potentially a significant factor especially in neurology where they're giving people doses of 6, 7, 800 units of Botox, Dysport or in the Dysport range up to probably in the thousands, easily.

    With Xeomin, this product is excellent; it’s historically been looked at about 20 units being about the same as Botox. For us we're going to be offering 25 units at a rate that is better than Botox and I think the results if we use 25 units in the Glabella or a common treatment area, in fact I know, are going to be Botox equivalent or better than Botox, and were going to show that. We can offer these prices at our Appearance Care Center with the nurses that are excellent nurse practitioners or aesthetic nurse specialists. I think people will be very happy with Xeomin and getting better durations of the fact in a more value oriented price.

    So we're excited about doing that, I’ve had Xeomin myself, I'm very happy with the results and I’m excited to launch this program and get our nurses very busy in giving value pricing and treatments with Xeomin for the Glabella and other areas of the upper face.

    If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to write or call, you'll be seeing announcements about these special offers which I think are really going to help expand the number of people who are able to afford and get the product and in no way does this change the outcomes. Again increasing the dosing to about 25 units I think will give that longevity and duration that has been a question with Xeomin for a lot of patients and so we're really going to address that and still keep the value there for everyone.

    This is Dr. Corey Maas wishing all of our patients a Happy Holiday Season and also a great 2015 as we move in to the New Year with the Xeomin treatment experience, it should be really great for all of us. Thanks.”