”I’m excited to announce an initiative that we’re doing, looking at a new product. The product is called Xeomin and it will be a competitor to Botox. So we’re inviting our patients and patients that we haven’t even seen before to participate in this program, evaluating a new neuromodulator or botulinum toxins that is similar to Botox called Xeomin.

Xeomin is a product that has been approved in Europe for a number of years. It is a neuromodulator very similar to Botox. The difference is that it has less protein in it, less of the surrounding proteins, the active molecule was identical.

The data and research for Xeomin has shown very similar effects to Botox. The dosing and the administration is identical and our early experience with treating a number of patients with it has been quiet favorable. Patients like it, the treatment seems similar, the outcome seem very similar and what we’re really looking to do is to evaluate how this product performs when we compare it to Botox.

So for people that are interested in Xeomin treatment experience, we’re going to have them come in whether you’re an existing patient or a new patient to the Maas ClinicTM practice, you’ll sign up, there’s just a few things we’ll be asking in addition to the normal treatment protocol and that’s really just evaluating yourself on a little scale that looks at the severity of lines.

We’ll be treating up to 3 areas. We’ve priced it very inexpensively to encourage participation for the first 50 patients and so for the first treatment area it will be a $150, for additional treatment areas it will be a $100. So you can do in an entire upper facial treatment for under $400 which should be very attractive to a lot of people.

And again so far we’ve seen very good results. It’s an approved FDA product so this is not an experiment. Its product that has been approved and looked at for safety and efficacy or effectiveness by the FDA. So we’re excited about it, we’re inviting all our patients to come in and give Xeomin a try, and we look forward to see you here in the clinic.”

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