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Live Surgery – Facelift

“So I’ve got the skin flap elevated here now and I’ve got my clamp on the SMAS I just to identify that here, it’s on the SMAS and it is short skin flap and this patient is a former smoker,... Read More

Facelift Post-Op Recovery

“I wanted to answer some important questions that very frequently come up in terms of recovery after different surgical procedures. Very often I’m asked this question in our facelift patients "Should we ice this to reduce swelling?" It’s a very... Read More

Introduction to the Facelift Procedure

"This is Dr. Corey Maas on Looking Your Best. I want to take a few minutes just to give a very short synopsis on face-lifting and the current state of face-lifting in our world. And there's a lot of confusion... Read More

How Long Does a Facelift Last?

"Another question that came up recently was "How long does a facelift last?" and there's a lot of answers to that. There are a lot of these marketed procedures, such as mini-lifts, quick-lifts and style-lifts. These lifts are very small... Read More

The Facebook Facelift

“Today I wanted to answer a few question. One which came in was very important and we're doing a segment, NBC news came out to do an interview today about the so-called “Facebook Facelift,” and the Facebook Facelift is apparently... Read More
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